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The Dalai Lama’s Wikileaks Shame - Part 3

In Part One of the Dalai Lama's Wikileaks Shame, we highlighted shocking wikileaks revelations about the Dalai Lama's secret army - Establishment 22 - being supplied with fresh recruits from the orphans raised at the Tibetan Children's Village Schools. In Part Two, we provided evidence corroborating the information released in the cables.

Now in Part Three, we substantiate our claim that Establishment 22 is the Dalai Lama's secret army.

A document which is a MUST-READ for anyone who thinks they know, or would like to know, the truth about the Dalai Lama is the US State Department publication 'Foreign Relations of the United States 1964 - 1968 Volume XXX'. We will be highlighting more of the information in this document in the coming weeks and months.

Today, we draw your attention to document 342, a memorandum from the CIA to the 303 committee from 26 January 1968. The document clearly states that:

The Tibetan paramilitary unit, a remnant of the 1959 resistance force, is dispersed in 15 camps. The Tibetan leadership views the force as the paramilitary arm of its "government-in-exile".

The CIA, together with it's Indian equivalent the RAW, and the Tibetan Resistence fighters Chushi Gangdruk, formed 'Establishment 22' in 1962. There can be no doubt that it is 'Establishment 22' that the CIA are here referring to as the 'paramilitary arm of the Tibetan Government in Exile'.

Furthermore, although nominally part of the Indian army, history shows who really commands Establishment 22. In 1971, when a war with pakistan loomed, Indira Gandhi, the prime minister of India, sent a letter asking if Establishment 22 would go to war for India:

“We cannot compel you to fight a war for us... It would be appreciated if you could help us fight the war for liberating the people of Bangladesh.”

It was only when the Dalai Lama gave his consent that the force was mobilised and began operations against Pakistan. This shows who the real commander-in-chief of Establishment 22 is.

Clearly, Establishment 22 is the Dalai Lama's secret army, supplied with fresh recruits from the Tibetan orphans as revealed in the Wikileaks cables.

* See also Part Four

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