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The Dalai Lama's family

The Dalai Lama's family

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Where has all the Money Gone?

The amount of money raised for the Tibetan causes over the last few decades – which most contributors in the West have been led to believe is for a free Tibet – probably runs into hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. In addition, every Tibetan, whether male or female, infant, infirm or old, and whether living in the East or West, is expected to pay an ‘independence-tax’ to the Tibetan exile government.

The funds collected from the ‘independence-tax’ and all these other fund-raising activities are not used for the support or relief of the Tibetan community or for a free, independent Tibet (because the Dalai Lama stopped aiming for this as early as the 1980s). What is this money being collected for? How much money has been collected? And where is all this money being kept?